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  1. Color schemes
    1. Example

Color schemes


Just the Docs supports two color schemes: light (default), and dark.

To enable a color scheme, set the color_scheme parameter in your site’s _config.yml file:


## Frontdesk

To customize your site’s aesthetic, open `_sass/custom/custom.scss` in your editor to see if there is a variable that you can override. Most styles like fonts, colors, spacing, etc.. are derived from these variables. To override a specific variable, uncomment out it’s line and change it’s value.

For example, to change the link color from the purple default to blue, open `_sass/custom/custom.css` and find the `$link-color` variable on line `50`. Uncomment it out, and change it's value to our `$blue-000` variable, or another shade of your choosing.

#### Example
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// ...
// $body-text-color: $grey-dk-100;
// $body-heading-color: $grey-dk-300;
$link-color: $blue-000;
// ...

Note: Editing the variables directly in _sass/support/variables.scss is not recommended and can cause other dependancies to fail.